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The Financial Picture delivers real basic understanding of the company financial reports system — fast. It shows how the reports and their parts fit and work together as a logical picture of the company’s value circulation and value creation, its development and operation.

The video below explains it through step-by-step development, for a simple company. Below the video is a set of the slides with no narration, for use by instructors providing their own explanations.




Developed in sessions with thousands of CPAs

The Financial Picture was developed and refined by Dick Purcell through over 100 two-day courses he conducted for groups of CPAs on communicating with clients, under sponsorship of the AICPA. A book he authored explaining the Financial Picture and its uses was published by Houghton Mifflin, and a current veraion is available as a self-published eBook.

At his seminars, CPAs told him that to clients, the reports commonly look like just separate lists of separate financial parts. Some parts have confusing labels, such as assets and liabailities labeled as expenses. And statements of cash flows commonly fail to atate the biggest cash flows, instead listing thins that are not flows of cash. The Financial Picture overcomes all these problems. The viewer can see all the parts, what each part is, how each part fits and plays its part in the whole picture of the company’s operations and development.


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To go directly to the Amazon page for the full Financial Picture ebook, click here.

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